Acorn Finance


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You check for offers. A short online form asks a few questions to see which offers you prequalify for from our 12+ lending partners, tailored to your credit profile. Each step explains what we need to know and why, with a support number for extra help. Looking for options is a soft credit pull, which means their credit won’t be affected.



You apply with a lender. If you see an offer that works for you, then select it, and apply directly with the lender. Some lenders require a hard credit pull for this step, so we’re getting a little more committed.



You get funded. If you get approved, then get your money as soon as the same day.* (It can take a little longer for larger amounts.) Lender pays you, the client/homeowner and you pay Terra Bella Homeland then they do the work, and then get top dollar for the sale of your home, making it your best investment possible.